Cycling in London Colney
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Alban Way
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London Colney Cycle Paths
A series of safe cycle routes from London Colney
London Colney to Hill End Lane to join the St Albans to Hatfield cycle path (Alban Way) 12 mins

This is a safe route to join the the St Albans to Hatfield cycle path (Alban Way). It joins about a third away along the route to Hatfield so if you intend to cycle to Hatfield from London Colney this is a good route to start before joining the Alban Way. It also passes through the Highfield Park which has some useful cycle lanes. See the adjacent menu to download a map of the park. Leave the footbridge that crosses the North Orbital. Don't cycle along the London Road but double back and cycle along the cycle path that runs parallel for a very short distance with the North Orbital until the path ends. Exercise great care in crossing the beginning of the London Road as it leaves the London Colney Roundabout. Cars will approach at all angles with great speed so get off your bike and proceed with caution as you cross the carriageway to the other side. A little respite from cars approaching from your left while you wait on the island. When the red light stops the traffic on your left - cross the carriageway but ensure your bike is on your left - I feel this gives me a little bit of insurance as irate drivers inch towards you. Get back on your bike, pass along the path that leads through the hedge, turn right and cycle along the short road that is used for access to the houses on Nightingale Lane. Follow the road that veers to the left until you reach a gate on the tarmacadem road with a notice warning motorists and motorcyclists not to use the road. Since you are neither of these road users cycle past the gate (1). Technically this is not a cycle path but the only cars you are likely to meet are burnt out wreaks in the adjacent field. The end product of a joy riders night out. This is a pleasant cycle ride but take care when approaching pedestrians, especially dog walkers; it could be disastrous to get entangled with dog leads which may be difficult to see if approaching at speed. Cycle to the end of the lane, turn right (2) and cycle along the cycle path through the Highfield Park with Winchfield Wood on your right. This is a clearly labeled cycle path, so you are safe once again from wandering pedestrians. Use either of the alternative choices when presented with a fork in the road; they both lead to the opposite end of this section of the park (3). Cross the road to the cycle path on the opposite side of the road, turn right and then continue along as it swings to the left, crosses two roads and ends just at the mini roundabout at the start (or end) of Hill End Lane (4). Again cross the road to the cycle path on the opposite side of the road. Cycle past the small retail park (which includes a Spar Mini Market should you need any shopping) and continue along the cycle path. The cycle path ends after the Russet Road junction with Hill End Lane has been crossed (a sign will tell you so if you fail to realise the cycle path has ended). At this point cross the road and enter the Hill End Garden of Rest (5). Cycle along the short path that leads to the Alban Way (6).
At this point on the Alban Way there are many entrances into The Longacres Open Space. Which is a useful exit point for a cycle route to the parade of shops on the Hatfield Road, Beaumont School and (should you like visiting pubs) The Speckled Hen. If you enter the Open Space (actually it seems to be a childrens play area) a path appears that follows the perimeter. The council have given cyclists permission to cycle along this path (a notice at the main entrance informs you of this fact) so turn right and cycle along without fear of recrimination until you pass the childrens play area and exit the Open Space at the Longacre entrance. Cycle along the tiny road that soon joins Longacre Road. Turn left and the Hatfield Road with the above amenties is just ahead (7).