Cycling in London Colney
To Alma Road
To St Albans Retail Park
To Hill End Lane and Alban Way
Alban Way
Highfield Park
London Colney Cycle Paths
A series of safe cycle routes from London Colney
London Colney to St Albans Retail Park, Halfords, Homebase, Sainsbury's etc and St Albans Abbey Station

Take the London Colney to Alma Road cycle route. Just after the mini-roundabout that intersects Grosvener Road and Orient Close (Alma Road cycle route marker 6) cross the London Road via the traffic crossing. There is a minuscule cycle route cycle to your right - ignore this and instead turn left and take the more inviting cycle route that veers right into Orient Close (1). When you come to the bottom of the hill cross the road onto the cycle path and continue along Orient Close. If you find yourself passing the old railway station and going under the main London Road you have gone the wrong way - turn back and go in the opposite direction. You will soon leave the this small housing estate (2); continue along the old railway track which is a very pleasant 2 minute cycle ride until you reach the end (3). Turn left and cycle about twenty yards further along. This will take you to the railway crossing. It's a little bit awkward negotiating the crossing gates with your bike but it does force you to take care. A single train goes a back and forth along this line between St Albans and Watford - expect it to appear about twice an hour but please don't rely on chance, instead wait to ensure there is no sound of an approaching train before crossing. The train is not exactly the Eurostar but it still has precedence so if you hear it approach wait, then cross. Once safely across turn right and cycle along the cycle path into the St Albans Retail Park (4). This is also an excellent route to St Albans Abbey Station. This can be reached by cycling along to the end of the Retail Park and turning right. The station is again on your right (5). Unfortunately this extended route to the station does not have a cycle path but it does have an exceptionally wide pavement for most of the way.