Cycling in London Colney
To Alma Road
To St Albans Retail Park
To Hill End Lane and Alban Way
Alban Way
Highfield Park
London Colney Cycle Paths
A series of safe cycle routes from London Colney
London Colney to Alma Road, St Albans

Leave the footbridge that crosses the North Orbital (1) and cycle along the old London Road. Technically this isn't a cycle path but has been designated as a cycle route. Not perfect, but it is a lot safer than cycling along the London Road. The end of the road leads into the cycle path where it goes up a small incline and then along the London Road. This is a dual path for cyclists and pedestrians so please keep to the cycle lane. Cross the London Road at the Pelican Crossing (2). This may be your only opportunity to find that sometimes cars actually have to stop in favour of the cyclists - so cherish this moment. Cycle along to Drakes Drive where you have to turn into Admirals Walk which runs parallel with the London Road (3). Again not technically a cycle lane but avoids the traffic as it races from one traffic light to the next. A reassuring picture of a bicycle on the road confirms that you are perfectly within your rights to be cycling on this stretch of road, so cycle down to the traffic lights (4). Cross the road when the green man tells you to do so and then cycle along the dual cycle path pavement (5). Unlike the previous cycle lane this does not have clear markings which designate the pedestrian walking area and cycling lanes. However it's clearly wide enough for both, but take care because the pedestrian you are just about to over take may be blissfully unaware that you about to pass him or her - so treat other users with respect. Just after the mini-roundabout that intersects Grosvener Road and Orient Close cross the London Road via the Traffic crossing. There is a minuscule cycle route that abandons you where the London Road forks off to Sopwell (6). From here on you have to battle it out with other road users. However this is a good route for the St Albans City Station because just before the path ends a right turn appears (Grosvener Road) that will take you to the back entrance of the station.