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felt picture
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June 2010

Larks in the Parks


Felt Picture
Felt is made from washed, combed and dyed sheep's fleece. The picture is made by building up layers of coloured wool on a fleece backing. Once you have your picture you can bond it to the backing by piercing it with needles to hold it together or, more traditionally, by rubbing it with hot soapy water. The mechanism is the same as when you put a wool jumper in the hot wash cycle by mistake - all the fibres bond together and you finish up with a solid, very strong piece of material.
Choosing Colours
Planning your picture and laying it out on a piece of foam rubber
Transferring the pictures to their place on the map
Successful 'felters' pictured with Mary Cannon of NFT and Maria Aguado, Parish Councillor (right)
Planning the layout
What would you like to do?
Nearly there...
...just a few more pictures.
Finished except for...
...rolling up and spraying with hot soapy water.
The felt picture is being finished now. It needs more work to get it properly bonded to the backing and mounted ready for display.