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making a dragon waste bin
June 2011

Larks in the Parks


Making a Dragon Waste Bin
The frame for the dragon was made from 1 and 2 litre milk containers threaded onto a vacuum cleaner hose. It was then curled around a large flowerpot surrounded by fizzy drink bottles and covered in hessian so that the plaster wouldn't slide off.
Cutting the Plaster Bandage
We used gauze bandage coated in plaster of paris to cover the model. This had to be cut into lengths and dipped in water. It could then be smoothed over the framework. It dries to a hard paintable surface in a few minutes.
We added teeth to the Dragon's jaws
You can see the dragon taking shape.
Making dragons gives one a real sense of achievement.
Time for a base coat of'Dgagon Green'.
Everyne can join in...
Nearly there...
...just a few more stripes.
Finished except for...
...a few last gruesome details.
The dragon waste bin is finished.
Ready to go in its place outside the library.